Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Ellie and I am a stay a home crafty mummy, who trys to juggle playing teddy bears picnic with my lovely daughter Amelie and making pretty things for childrens bedrooms. I have a Folksy shop www.folksy.com/shops/petitoiseau and a Facebook fan page (Petit Oiseau - Handmade Canvas's).

My blog will be about my day to day life being a mummy and trying to set up my own business.... with all its ups and downs!! Thank you for taking the time to follow me x

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cupcake craving!!!!!!!!!

Well I am sticking to the diet ... however I keep dreaming/thinking /salivating about chocolate cupcakes!!!! I feel that is this not normal and worry I have a cupcake fetish!? He He... I WILL RESIST, I WILL RESIST!!!!
Otherwise I have had a busy week of playdates with Amelie and trying to make some boys canvas's etc.... I find making girls things so easy, maybe because I am a girl and I have a little girl!!! Boys stuff just doesn't come naturally to me!!! But I think I have cracked it and come up with a nice boat design which I will post later to see what you think...

Amelie bear seems to be changing so quickly at the moment, every day she can do something new! Her favourite game is hiding behind her hands and playing peek a boo! Also FINALLY her hair seems to be growing...... so hopefully it wont be long till she has girly hair instead of being constantly mistaken for a boy....!! Love my little munchkin xx

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