Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Ellie and I am a stay a home crafty mummy, who trys to juggle playing teddy bears picnic with my lovely daughter Amelie and making pretty things for childrens bedrooms. I have a Folksy shop www.folksy.com/shops/petitoiseau and a Facebook fan page (Petit Oiseau - Handmade Canvas's).

My blog will be about my day to day life being a mummy and trying to set up my own business.... with all its ups and downs!! Thank you for taking the time to follow me x

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spring is here hip hip horray!!!!

Well we are all settled in our new house.... finally!!! Trying to unpack with a toddler in tow is not an easy job!!! And everything feels so good now SPRING is here! YAY!! The sun makes everything seem so much better and makes you feel happy doesnt it?! We have been making the most of living by the seaside and taking Amelie down most days... she loves it!!!

and I have made a few new collages this week too... see what you think? I will frame them and put them in my folksy shop soon! www.folksy.com/shops/petitoiseau

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Long time no see!!!

Well sorry it has been a while since my last post... Things have been very hectic around here!! We are in the middle of moving house so I have had to put the craftying to one side and start packing/clearing etc!! We had 7 yes 7!! bags that went to charity!! Why do we hoard so much junk I wonder..... Felt good getting rid of it though! Other than the stresses of moving with a 17 month old we have all been good and for once none of us have colds so that is a bonus! Every time the sun peeks out me and Amelie rush out to the park to feed the ducks and go on the swings , so ROLL on summer..... I am looking forward to lazy days at the park or beach and picnics galore!! Plus very excited to take Amelie to the zoo this year but I want a sunny day!!

Anyway wish us luck with the BIG move and I will post a few pics when were all settled xx

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Yay Yay Yay

I thought I would share with you all that I had my first Etsy sale and had a few more sales on Folksy!!! Im so happy that I am finally getting my business of the ground and selling my work! Yay!!
So me and Amelie have just been to the post office to send all the parcels which felt nice and get some lunch too... (Waitrose always tempts me!!!)
We also had a walk down to the park and fed the ducks... All feels good when the sun is shining!!! Apart from the OH is away for work so can't wait for him to get back and give me a break this weekend!!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Weekend Antics and sunny days with cherrys on top!

A lovely family walk in the local woods , followed by Amelie having lots of fun and giggles at the soft play centre!! And finally home for dinner and a go on the classic rocking 'reindeer/moose' -- an on-going arguement in our house hold ha ha!!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New Framed Nursery Pictures for my shop....

Hello!! I have been very busy creating this week... (and creating an utter mess in my dining room!!) I am now making framed nursery pictures!! See what you think? These can be personalised with names , messages etc!! xx

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Oh I do love to live beside the seaside!!!

I had to tell you all about mine and Amelies lovely sunny day!! The sun always makes me feel happy but when its sparkling on the blue sea it is even more magical! Anyway these pictures tell the story perfectly...

Folksy find of the week......

Everytime I go on Folksy I stumble upon another beautiful shop full of tempting things to buy! This week I found http://www.folksy.com/shops/Littledaydreamers which has the most dreamy textiles I have ever seen!! The colours and prints that she uses brighten up your day and make me feel happy so check out her shop and see if it makes you smile?

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday blues.....

Hello x Having had another lovely family weekend I have the Sunday blues big style!! The husband went to a 'dads club' on Saturday morning which gave me two blissful hours at home alone! and what did I do................ made more canvas's and mirrors! I am addicted to my work I think!

These have now been added to my Folksy shop and at £12 and £14 a bargain to be had!

Then today we have watched a film whilst Amelie napped (lovely snuggle time on the sofa!) and then went on a walk in our local woods where Amelie pointed and laughed at all the 'woof woof's' and squirrels!!! Then home for a cup of tea and a shepards pie -- yummy!!! So now you see why the sunday blues have made an appearance!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cupcake craving!!!!!!!!!

Well I am sticking to the diet ... however I keep dreaming/thinking /salivating about chocolate cupcakes!!!! I feel that is this not normal and worry I have a cupcake fetish!? He He... I WILL RESIST, I WILL RESIST!!!!
Otherwise I have had a busy week of playdates with Amelie and trying to make some boys canvas's etc.... I find making girls things so easy, maybe because I am a girl and I have a little girl!!! Boys stuff just doesn't come naturally to me!!! But I think I have cracked it and come up with a nice boat design which I will post later to see what you think...

Amelie bear seems to be changing so quickly at the moment, every day she can do something new! Her favourite game is hiding behind her hands and playing peek a boo! Also FINALLY her hair seems to be growing...... so hopefully it wont be long till she has girly hair instead of being constantly mistaken for a boy....!! Love my little munchkin xx

Monday, 31 January 2011

Folksy Shout Out!!!!!

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to all my followers that have found me via Folksy... It is such a great community and everybody is always so supportive! Where would I be without my beloved FOLKSY!! xx

Diet update...

Just thought I would give you a quick update on my on-going holiday diet....... YAY!! I lost another 3lbs now totaling 8lbs!! So all this rabbit food is working! My husband has even commented how impressed he is with my dedication after I refused a square of my all time favourite chocolate (Lindt 70% orange)!!! So I think for the first time ever I may actually reach my target and be bikini ready by june!? Wishful thinking...?

Anyone else out there struggling on strict diet and missing there vices?

What do you think to these new items??

Hello and happy Monday morning to you all!!
Just thought I would show you some new pieces I have made this weekend for my Folksy shop... Trying out some new things!!! I am going to have a busy week making lots more things too... I feel creative at the mo!!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Fridays find.......... Petite Patanque, Southend

Having lived in Southend-on-sea for 2 years now I am always hunting out hidden gems and lovely places to visit... (it is not all tacky arcades and white stilettos honest!!) Petite Patanque is vintage style cafe set around a bowling green in a victorian conservation area, in the summer they set the chairs and tables out around the green and all the cream teas are served on vintage china. It really is a dream!!
Roll on summer time when me and Amelie can be ladies that lunch and meet other mummy friends there!!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Weekend Antics.......

What a hectic week........ Sorry I haven't posted recently I just never seem to get a free minute!
We went to my sisters house at the weekend in the lovely new forest.... ponys galore!!! It was my mums 60th birthday so the diet took a backseat and the yummy chocolate cake took centre stadge!! A fab weekend had by all... including Amelie bear who was delighted to play with her two cousins and didn't seem to stop running around the whole weekend!!

A little taste of our weekend......... including this yummy artichoke and carrot homemade soup.... which I felt was healthy enough to make up for the cake and ice cream -- oops!!!

Got a productive weekend planned of collaging some canvas's and mirrors, so il post some pictures of them next week. xx

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sharing my finds.............................................

This week I wanted to tell you all about a blog I have discovered called 'Diary of a Modern Mummy'............ It is brill and you should definatly check it out!! There is everything from weekly recipes, celeb gossip and of course the day to day highlights and lowlights of being a mummy!!! Enjoy!!!


Perfect for Valentines day?

What do you think to this Love Bird canvas I have made for valentines day?? Thinking it could make a perfect present for a loved one.......Something a little bit different!! Will be making a few cards too....... Keep your eyes peeled!!
Horray!!!!!!!!!!! I have lost 5lbs so far, I feel really spurred on now and only another 2lbs to loose before I reach my first target of half a stone and am rewarded by a primark raid!!!!  Which I am shamed to admit I am rather excited about! On the crafty side I have just ordered 10 canvas's and some plain door hangers, and will be buying the mirrors and frames at the weekend so Over the next month I will be very busy painting and collaging these! So keep a close eye on my Folksy shop....... I am off later to collect my money from the shop in Leigh (from my 1st sale of a canvas there!) and take a new one in. On another plus point I reached 100 likes on my facebook page which was a personal challenge I had set myself for the month yay! Now onto the next 100....... Watch out Global domination here I come!!!!!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Well finally (about time to be honest!!) I am beginning my post baby diet!!!! I have had a few half hearted attempts but with Amelie now 15 months I have no excuses left and must embark on the lettuce journey!!

We have a holiday booked for June (a beautiful villa in Skiathos with my family) so I have 5 months to shed 2 stone.....  I have pursuaded my husband to give me rewards for every half stone shed (facials and clothes are perfect incentives!) so wish me lots of luck and I will keep you guys updated ...

Thursday, 13 January 2011

woo hooo!!!! Happy times x

A while ago I managed to get some of canvas's displayed in a lovely gift shop called Castle Lawson Design in Leigh-On-Sea, Essex. Having heard nothing for a few months I got a phone call today letting me know they had sold one!! It was a large one with a 'magic tree' design on (a fav of mine!!) ....... This news has made my day !! I also got an enquiry on Folksy so lets hope this is the start for me finally!!!!!

A lovely day to remember......

This was a couple of months ago now but I just loaded up onto my computer and it brought back lovely memorys!! This was Amelies official first walk out and about..... She now loves to walk everywhere and is mastering climbing too!!! We are currently watching Teletubbies -- oh the delight!!!!! On the crafty side I have found some clocks that are plain so I can put my designs onto them..... these and mirrors are goingt to be added to my Folksy shop soon! x

Monday, 10 January 2011

New Photos!!

Hi , Hope everyone had a great weekend! We took Amelie to a soft play on Saturday and swimming on Sunday, so busy busy but lovely family time!! Boo Greg (my hubby) is now back at work so its just the two of us again..... Anyway I am pleased with myself as I managed to take some new photos of my canvas's which I think look lots better than the old ones!! See what you think..............

These are just a few............ I decided to do one close up so you can see the detail properly and one in a 'set-up' ( I bought this sock bunny from a fellow Folksy shop called Two By Two). To check out my others just click on my Folksy links and it will take you to my shop...
Also I have just ordered some more canvas's so can soon get creating again! I will be doing mirrors,clocks and framed prints too soon, I just need to find some spare time!!
Right better get some lunch on for Amelie and then its her nap time and mummys rest time! yay! x

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Good morning! Well today has been a slow start...... I was up from 430am with a very bad cold and cough and just could not sleep! I hate that! As a result as soon as Amelie went down for her morning nap, so did I! A very lazy morning indeed!!! Off to get Amelie her first pair of Clarks shoes today with my mother in-law, I am quite excited unfortuently Amelie hates shopping (she didnt get that from me!!) so usually a trip into town doesnt end well! So wish me luck! I will post a picture of the first shoes later x

Love bird canvas

Evie and Ella bird canvas

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Lilly and Lola bird canvas

Right going to have a proactive week and take all new photographs of my work and load them onto folksy, we got a new digital camera so i'm hoping the pictures will turn out better than the old ones!
Amelie is having a snooze so i've managed to have some toast and tea whilst doing some research on the internet, bliss!! Off to do the food shop in a bit then get tea on so when my husband Greg gets back from a hard day at the office its waiting for him -- another new years resolution , be the perfect housewife! Not too sure how long that one will last!!

First ever post!!! Eeeeeek!

Hi everyone and welcome to my official first ever blog post! I thought id put some pictures up of some of my current work so you can see what I do, and what my style is like. My new years resolution is to write a blog and set up a folksy shop to sell my creations. It looks like I wont be going back to work now so I am determined to combine my creative side with making us a few pennys! We could definatly do with them!
Anyway as I am writing this I have a bored 14 month old tugging at my arm wanting to play so I will have to go but I hope you like the pictures of my work and I will check back soon to tell you what we have been up too! x