Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Ellie and I am a stay a home crafty mummy, who trys to juggle playing teddy bears picnic with my lovely daughter Amelie and making pretty things for childrens bedrooms. I have a Folksy shop www.folksy.com/shops/petitoiseau and a Facebook fan page (Petit Oiseau - Handmade Canvas's).

My blog will be about my day to day life being a mummy and trying to set up my own business.... with all its ups and downs!! Thank you for taking the time to follow me x

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Well finally (about time to be honest!!) I am beginning my post baby diet!!!! I have had a few half hearted attempts but with Amelie now 15 months I have no excuses left and must embark on the lettuce journey!!

We have a holiday booked for June (a beautiful villa in Skiathos with my family) so I have 5 months to shed 2 stone.....  I have pursuaded my husband to give me rewards for every half stone shed (facials and clothes are perfect incentives!) so wish me lots of luck and I will keep you guys updated ...


  1. Ellie we are in exactly the same boat! Daisy is 14 months and I've been quite half hearted in losing weight up until now! I have a stone and a bit to get rid of by June (when we are going on holiday too!) Good luck and keep me posted about how well you're doing!

    Love the blog btw; love the way you write and your background is GORGEOUS! Did you draw it yourself?

    And thank you so much for posting about Modern Mummy - I will be returning the favour tonight / tomorrow! x x

  2. Oh we can do it together then!! Keep each other motivated! Its hard to resist tempting biscuits with all the mummy gatherings etc isn't it?! But I am determined this time!! Where are you going on holiday? It is the perfect incentive..... I am not ready to bear all in a bikini just yet!!

    Thanks so much, I really dont know much about blogging but decided to give it a go!! I'd love to be as successful as yours!! The background was on here luckily, I really like it too!

    I would be so grateful for a mention on yours and maybe I can get some more followers! Yay!! xx
    p.s Daisy is gorgeous!